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This website offers an online module called ‘Learning to Learn’.

Although limited in terms of discipline areas, the information included here is relevant to most areas of study, and forms a useful resource for all students new to studying at University level.

In the past, this has been a module students could take for credit. However, this is no longer the case, and the accreddited module has moved into MOLE2. The information on these pages remains open to everyone; although it will not be updated, and the assessment tasks cannot be submitted.

This website refers specifically to those discipline areas falling within the Combined Studies Degree tracks of Literature and Creative Media (LCM), Social and Political Studies (SPS), Natural and Human Environments (NHE), and Information Technology and Organisations (ITO). However these areas can also be taken as representative generally of the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and the ‘softer’ applied environmental and computing Sciences. In this way the module is relevant to those studying in across a wide range of subjects.

In places the site splits into these four general subject areas (designated LCM, SPS, NHE and ITO). Please follow the ‘track’ which you feel is most helpful to your area of study. If you are taking the Working with Communities programme, SPS is the most relevant subject area for you.